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Sponsoring philosophy
The Ter Haak Group sponsors many companies and organisations. Whether this support is structurally or project-based, financially or in kind, our preference is always for long-term relationships. Ter Haak Group sponsorship is based on the belief that sponsoring can be beneficial for both parties if they share common ground.

The Ter Haak Group supports a range of activities, exhibitions and events that are focussed on the harbour and/or logistics, hoping to create special moments for special meetings.

Achieving a top performance under high pressure, winning or losing, passion and competition; these aspects apply equally to sports and forward-thinking businesses like the Ter Haak Group. Sports inspire and bring people together, while being an ideal way

Art and culture
Art and culture are a natural part of our sponsorship programme. Recognising that art, culture and music productions are often only made possible by corporate support, the Ter Haak Group is pleased to play its role and show our appreciation for creative a

The Ter Haak Group is involved with society and strives to support people in need. Not everyone has equal opportunities or lives in good health and the Ter Haak Group supports various charities that help others.

Volg Ter Haak Group!