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Ter Haak provides transportation for the African community in the Netherlands

Amsterdam, 21 June 2010 - Shipping companies like to minimise the number of empty containers they take back after delivering cargo at a port. The Ter Haak Group works towards a better use of these export containers through its subsidiary Cargo Company IJmond (CCY), which focuses on return freight for both businesses and individuals. Ghanaians and Nigerians in Amsterdam especially appreciate this possibility, and frequently send reusable goods to their homelands via containers. This special activity of Ter Haak recently attracted the attention of the local TV channel AT5, which featured it in the show AmsterdamInc.

CCY has its own depot and stuffing/stripping facility in the Suezhaven (Suez harbour) for shipping containers from the shipping line or purchased from CCY. Customers can personally stuff the containers with all kinds of goods, such as used electrical equipment. Many individuals and independent entrepreneurs know that they can turn to CCY for help with shipping cargo to distant ports. Mayango Arko is an example. While placing a kid’s bike in his container, Mayango tells AT5’s reporter how grateful Liberians are for such items. "We have had 15 years of civil war and lots of looting. The people are delighted with what we bring."

The sealed containers are loaded onto vessels belonging to shipping companies in the Amerika harbour, where Ter Haak sister company United Stevedores Amsterdam has its terminal. Destinations include ports along the West African coast from Dakar to Lobito, as well as Surinam and the Netherlands Antilles. Purchased containers are often used in Africa as warehouses or converted to shops. 

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