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CCY expands on new premises

Amsterdam, 17 August 2010 – Cargo Company IJmond (CCY) has moved to new premises on an industrial estate on Corsicaweg in Amsterdam. This gives the firm a surface area of 15,000 square metres, almost double that of CCY’s previous location on Radarweg. The purchase of the premises followed negotiations between mother company the Ter Haak Group and the Port of Amsterdam, and the multimodal logistics company is now very much ready for the future.

The 15,000 m² provides CCY with the space to expand from 50 to 200 containers a month. In addition to investing in surface area, Ter Haak sees possibilities for offering a wider range of services. By integrating the various activities of the Ter Haak Group at one location, the CCY facilities have become a one-stop-shop for collection, distribution and storage as well as offering ample space for a range of logistic activities.
Another advantage of the new location is that it is situated on the waterside, allowing CCY to utilise the quay of the neighbouring Amsterdam Marine Terminal (AMT). Ter Haak has asked the Amsterdam port authorities to focus on improving public transport to and from the CCY facilities on Corsicaweg.

CCY offers individuals and companies comprehensive support with overseas transportation, ranging from supplying containers and finding shipping companies to organising customs documents and CSC certificates and taking care of import duties. The new facilities will accommodate the filling of containers with a variety of goods such as household items, cars and spare parts. As there is a constant flow of people, cars and trucks, CCY closely monitors all activities on its premises.

Thanks to a global network of partners, clients are assured that containers are accepted at their destination by a contact who speaks the language and has knowledge of the local culture. CCY delivers door to door or port to port under the close eye of its professional personnel. 

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