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BCA Intermodal (BCA) expands rail shuttle Alsace

BCA, part of the Ter Haak Group, recently added a third loop to their excisting rail shuttle between Strasbourg and Rotterdam.

De so-called "Alsace Rail Shuttle" calls the following Maasvlakte terminals: ECT Delta, AMPT and Euromax. As of the new third loop, the shuttle will also call the RSC. BCA expects to shift significantly volume from road to rail transport.

"Until now we have not been able to facilitate the continental market. Adding the RCS to our loop offers us the posstibility to explore this market" says BCA General Manager Mattijs Nollen.

Beside the third loop, BCA also connects the Alsave shuttle with the USA Terminal of Ter Haak in Amsterdam and the excisting shuttle to Berlin. Herewith arises a direct railconnection between Rotterdam and Amsterdan and vice versa, the so-called AMRO shuttle and a direct railconnection between Strasbourg, Rotterdam, and Berlin.

De trains are operated by BCA and have a capacity of 101 teu per shuttle. The tractionair is Locon Benelux.

Besides the railconnection on Strasbourg BCA maintains bargeservices between the upper rhine (Basel/Ottmarsheim/Strasbourg) and the ARA area. BCA also exploits a inland terminal in IJmuiden.

For more information please use the contacts below.

BCA Intermodal
Mattijs Nollen
General Manager 
06 - 24235553

Ter Haak Group
Richard ter Haak 
06 - 53143803

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