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1.400 tons craneship Conquest MB1 choses USA Terminal (Ter Haak Group) in Amsterdam as their home basis

The Amsterdam terminals and the Port of Amsterdam are working actively to put the ports in Amsterdam and IJmuiden on the map for the offshore industry. With the arrival of 1400 tons lifting capacity in the port region is a major step put in serving offshore-related market. The Ter Haak Group provides space for this new initiative.

The 30ha large USA terminal will invest in providing 300 meters of quay space in the Cacaohaven. The space will be used for housing on land and floating cranes in the class 300 tonnes and heavier. There will also, at first, 40,000m2 cleared for mobilization and demobilization of heavy lift and offshore related projects.

The Dutch Conquest Offshore is known for the salvage operations of the Costa Concordia in Italy. The company operates boats with cranes for the construction and installation of ports, oil & gas and offshore wind industry, dismantling of oil platforms, storage and wreck removal.

Conquest Offshore has chosen Amsterdam as the home because of the international strategic position and alignment with the vision of IJmuiden and Amsterdam for the operation of the offshore industry.

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